High Cholesterol

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5 drops each of  lemongrass and rosemary in a capsule morning and evening.

Longevity Capsule twice daily.

Ningxia Red 60ml x 3 daily.


1 to 2 drops of JuvaFlex inside ankles, wrist pulse, behind knee and below ear twice daily.



I have posted about a distributor of mine who had a dramatic drop in his cholesterol by drinking Ningxia Red Juice. If the cholesterol is very high, drink 2-4 oz a day of NXR. Ladonna is right about Gary saying that lemongrass and rosemary in a cap daily will also help lower cholesterol. Muscle test for amount of drops needed. Good Luck!


Longevity Capsules lowered my sister’s cholesterol by 64 points in only 5 weeks and you only take ONE capsule a day!


I was in a similar spot, as my husband had very high cholesterol and didn’t want to take Lipitor. So I started experimenting with a few tips from the EDR. After approximately 2 months he had his count checked again to see how we were doing. I’m very pleased to tell you his total cholesterol was down 67 points! Here’s the daily protocol. 2 JuvaTone, JuvaFlex and Helichrysum on artery points (inside ankles, wrist pulse, behind knee, below ear, etc.), 10 drops Clove oil in capsule. No significant change in diet, either. Hope this helps. Good Luck!


I cannot tell you about Ginger with cholesterol, but I would certainly take a look at what minerals can do (Mineral Essence) and WATER. Check out the book Your Body’s Many Cries for Water. You might be surprised to learn more about cholesterol. I was. I heard Gary say the other night “Cholesterol does not come from cholesterol.” Gives you something to think about.

Love, Lisa

Sometime ago I posted information regarding dehydration and elevated cholesterol. You might find it in the archives. In the meantime in addition to the oils and supplements, increase H2O consumption up to at the very least 1/2 ounce per each pound of body weight. More will be better.


I hate to butt my nose in, but I just have to. First of all, if you are happy with your doctor, have no side effects (medically) from the drug and your personality (emotional) has not been affected by the drug, then stop reading this email right now. HOWEVER, if you notice side effects from Lipitor, if your personality seems different – you are short tempered, irritable, depressed or anxious, then you should truly consider a change. Ultra Young (with or without DHEA) is a miracle product when it comes to dealing with cholesterol. My ex-husband’s cholesterol was 286. He went on Lipitor and it was a nightmare. I had him stop the drug and gave him a bottle of Ultra Young with DHEA that he used 2 times a day. He used 2 sprays in the a.m. and 2 sprays in the p.m. Within 6 months his cholesterol was 180. Granted, in the first month or two I was the nagging wife from hell. Every day “Did you spray?” “Have you sprayed today?” “Where’s your spray?” But once the routine was set, the product worked a miracle. My cholesterol was 224, after four months of Ultra Young I’m down below 180. So consider the product for yourself. Of course it goes without saying that you should talk to your doctor. I am certainly not qualified to give any medical advice, only my own experience with Lipitor and the YLEO products.

Cheers, Ona


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