December Promotions

December Promotions

This month, relive your favorite holiday memories with the warm, familiar aromas of Christmas Spirit™ and Thieves® essential oil blends, plus a $20 enrollment coupon and a 30 pack of innovative Slique™ Slim Caps to help you tackle your New Year’s weight-management resolutions—all free with your qualifying December order!

Reach any of these PV minimums in a single order during December and earn rewards that will fill your home with the season’s sweetest aromas!

300 PV Reward

Order 300 PV or more and receive free 15-ml Christmas Spirit and Thieves essential oil blends, a transferrable $20 enrollment coupon, and a 30 pack of Slique Slim Caps. This reward pack has a retail value of $197.96—one of the most valuable reward packages we have ever offered!

Christmas Spirit: This favorite blend combines the festive scents of Cinnamon Bark, Spruce, and Orange for an aromatic experience that is reassuring, purifying, joyful, and nostalgic. Diffuse, add a few drops onto firewood prior to burning, or drop onto cotton balls and distribute throughout your home.

Thieves: One of Young Living’s top essential oils, Thieves combines Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary essential oils for a blend that not only smells like warming winter spices but can also support your immunity when taken internally* and lift your spirits. Diffuse for 15 minutes every 3-4 hours, apply undiluted to the soles of feet or drop onto cotton balls and place on air vents.

$20 Enrollment Coupon: This transferrable enrollment coupon is an ideal tool for sharing Young Living and bringing new energy to your organization. Look for a discount code on your qualifying 300 or 250 PV order invoice, which you may then give to an enrolling distributor. To redeem the code, the enrolling distributor must sign up and enter the coupon code upon checkout. This unique benefit makes it more enticing than ever to join Young Living!

Slique Slim Caps: An innovative tool to help you achieve your New Year’s weight-management resolutions, Slique Slim Caps are formulated to help you feel full and cut down on overindulgence while supporting metabolic activity. A unique combination of dietary fibers, essential oils, and other specialized ingredients, these capsules can be taken with cold water 45 minutes before a large meal to help you moderate your caloric intake.*

250 PV Reward

Order 250 PV and receive the 15-ml Christmas Spirit and Thieves essential oil blends and the $20 enrollment coupon—a retail value of $89.08!

190 PV Reward

Order 190 PV and receive the 15-ml Christmas Spirit and Thieves essential oil blends—a retail value of $69.09!