Supplement Your Income

Supplement your income by sharing Young Living products for just a few hours per week to help pay off your car payment, eliminate credit card debt, or save for a dream vacation. (To qualify for all bonuses you must be an active Essential Rewards member with a minimum 100 personal volume [PV]* monthly order.)

Start Living Enrollment Kit Bonus

Earn $25 every time you enroll a new distributor with a premium** Start Living Kit.

For example, if you sign up six new distributors who each purchase a premium** Start Living Kit, you earn $150!

It’s that simple. Enroll today and start sharing!

Star Performance Bonus

In addition to the Start Living Bonus, the Star Performance Bonus pays you 25% of your new distributors’ first month’s orders, and 15% on their second month’s orders.*

For example:

  1. Enroll a new distributor.
  2. He or she enrolls with a Start Living with Everyday Oils kit (115 PV)
  3. You receive the $25 Start Living Bonus plus 25% of the 115 PV—an additional $28.75—making your check $53.75!
  4. That same distributor places a 100 PV order their second month, and you receive 15% of that PV, or $15.

The best part?
You earn this bonus on every new distributor you enroll. If you enroll six distributors with Start Living with Everyday Oils kits (115 PV) who then all place 100 PV orders in their second month:

  • Your first month’s check includes: $150 Start Living Bonus ($25 per enrollee) plus another $172.50 (25% of each distributor’s 115 PV order) for a total of $322.50!
  • In the second month, even if you don’t enroll any new distributors, you would receive a $90 check (15% of each distributor’s 100 PV order).
  • However, say you enroll six more new distributors in month two with a Start Living with Everyday Oils kit, your second month’s check is $412.50 ($150 Start Living Bonus on new distributors, $172.50 Star Performance Bonus on new distributors, plus $90 second month distributors’ Star Performance Bonus).

Matching Bonus

The third bonus offered by Young Living, the Matching Bonus, is earned by helping your distributors enroll others. When your distributors earn a Star Performance Bonus, Young Living matches that bonus and pays you that same amount for their first three months as distributors.***


Multiply your monthly earnings by encouraging new distributors to earn their Star Performance Bonuses, and you’ll receive a Matching Bonus!

Who do you know who wants to improve their health and supplement their income? Enroll today and start sharing!

Team Performance Bonus

Our most exciting bonus is the Team Performance Bonus. It was created to help guide your business structure and provide long-term stability. It rewards you for enrolling distributors in the Essential Rewards program.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every month you have six front-line distributors place a 100 PV Essential Rewards order and have 1,000 PGV****, you earn a $100 bonus. This is in addition to all other bonuses and commissions.
  2. Help two of these front-line distributors earn their own $100 Team Performance Bonus, and your bonus increases to $500!
  3. Help two front-line distributors earn their own $500 bonus, and your total Team Performance Bonus increases to $2,000! Many distributors accomplish this in their first 90 days.

These bonuses come to you every month the structure is maintained.


Abundance Is Just Around the Corner

Remember the Team Performance Bonus and all Young Living’s bonuses are only part of what you can earn as a Young Living independent distributor. Commissions are also a part of our generous compensation plan. In addition to generous supplemental income, Young Living distributors enjoy:

  • A new world of wellness.
  • Doing something meaningful.
  • Mentoring others to their highest potential.
  • Gaining knowledge and developing new skills.
  • Working with like-minded people.

Take the next step towards your abundant life.

Enroll today.

*PV, or Personal Volume, is points calculated for a distributor’s personal and customers’ purchases during a calendar month.
**Premium Start Living Kits include Start Living with Everyday Oils, Item No. 3700 or 37000104; Start Living with NingXia Red®, Item No. 3696 or 3696104, Start Living with Thieves®, Item No. 3694 or 3694104 Start Living with 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse + Core Essentials Complete, Item No. 3685 or 3685104.
***You must be an active Essential Rewards member with a minimum 100 PV order to earn this bonus.
****PGV is the total amount of sales volume in an organization down to, but not including, the next Executive or above for any Silver rank distributors. PGV for Gold distributors and above is the total amount of sales volume in an organization down to, but not including, the next Silver or above. Silver distributors’ monthly PGV must be 1,000 or more. Gold distributors’ monthly PGV must be 1,500 or more, and Platinum and above PGV must be 2,000 or more. PGV includes personal orders and those placed by customers.