Oily Day 2.0 – 13 Oily Classes with 9 Practitioners

Oily Day is back! This time we have 13 workshops and 9 practitioners for a full fest of essential oils therapy and healing. It doesn’t matter you are using the oils for detox, to balance hormone or using the vibrational oils to clear negative energy and enhance your manifestation skills. There’s always something suit your need.

You can choose to attend your favourite topic, or simply attend all! It will be fully packed event so do booked early. Early Registration required, do register online at http://goo.gl/zuRsxu

Date: Saturday & Sunday, 4 & 5 October 2014 – Time: 10am to 6pm

G/F Tower 7,  Avenue 3, Bangsar South, No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur, 59200

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/DA6Tf


Oily Day 2.0 Agenda

Saturday, October 04, 2014

9.45am – 10.00am Registration and Reception
10.00am –  10.45am Introduction To Young Living Essential Oils (Weisuan Ng)
10.45am – 11.00am   Lucky Draw #1
11.15am – 12.00am  Male & Female Fertility (Cornelius Chan)
12.00pm – 12.15pm  Lucky Draw #2
12.15pm – 12.55pm  Fortifying your Home and Family (Melissa Zecha)
12.55pm – 1.00pm  Lucky Draw #3
1.00pm – 2.00pm  Lunch Break
2.00pm – 3.45pm Refresh & Revive your Face  (Yokoe Chan)
2.00pm – 3.45pm 轻易学习精油面部美容护理和颈部按摩 (Shooi Hong)
3.45pm – 4.00pm  Lucky Draw #4
4.00pm – 4.45pm  Essential Care during pregnancy (Shamala Tan)
4.45pm – 5.00pm  Lucky Draw #5
5.00pm – 5.30pm  Essential Care after pregnancy (Shamala Tan)
5.30pm – 6.00pm Malaysia YL Membership & Promotions News/Updates
6.00pm – 6.15pm Grand Luck Draw #1

Sunday, October 05, 2014

9.45am – 10.00am Registration and Reception
10.00am – 10.45am Meditation & Channeling With The Core22 Teachers (Shamala Tan)
10.45am – 11.00am  Lucky Draw #6
11.15am – 12.00am Cleanse and Remove Negative Energies in You and Your House. (Darreck Chen)
12.00am – 12.15pm  Lucky Draw #7
12.15pm – 12.55pm Essential Oils for Stress, Allergies and Natural Anti-histamines  (Hoi Kok Wai)
12.55pm – 1.00pm Lucky Draw #8
1.00pm – 2.00pm Lunch Break
2.00pm – 3.45pm Raindrop Therapy –  Technique Demonstration & Hands-on (Melissa Zecha)
2.00pm – 3.45pm  雨滴疗法  技术示范与个人实践 (Peggy Teoh)
3.45pm – 4.00pm  Lucky Draw #9
4.00pm – 4.45pm  Antioxidants: Knight in Shining Amour (Cornelius Chan)
4.45pm – 5.00pm  Lucky Draw #10
5.00pm – 5.45pm  A Strong Immune System For Vibrant Health (Weisuan Ng)
5.00pm – 5.45pm 马来西亚Young Living会员优惠资讯和最新消息
5.45pm – 6.00pm  Grand Luck Draw #2 and Closing of Oily Day 2.0

Private Session & Reminder

Day 1 & 2
2pm  – 5.00pm
Mini Reading Session – Zyto, Bio-Well, Chakra, ICT, BodyMaitre etc. Each session RM30 for 15-20mins, Special rates apply to this event only.
Special Promo We are giving away essential oils, diffuser and many others. Do Check out surprise promotions on that day!
What to Bring Small and Large Towel, and Yoga Mat for Facial and Raindrop Practice Session


An Introduction To Young Living Essential Oils
(Weisuan Ng)

First time using essential oils?  Not quite sure what essential oils are?  No worries.  This session will take you on a quick tour of the world of essential oils.  It’s like Essential Oils 101.  In this experiential session you will be introduced to essential oils, know what essential oils are, learn how to use them and get to know the benefits of using essential oils.  You will also learn what to expect using essential oils, the do’s and don’ts of using essential oils, including safety guidelines.  You will also be introduced to the world of Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils and get to know Young Living’s Seed to Seal Process® which ensures the purity and potency of its essential oils.

A Strong Immune System For Vibrant Health (Weisuan Ng)

Falling ill too often?  Taking a long time to recover from the flu?  Aren’t you sick of being sick?  Join Weisuan for this session on building a strong immune system for vibrant health.  Weisuan has an inherited blood disorder which resulted in a compromised immune system.  That saw him visiting his physician’s clinic 3-4 times a year and at one point, once every 4-6 weeks.  After using Young Living’s essential oils and taking supplements for a shoulder condition that he had in October 2012, Weisuan found that he had not been taken ill in a major way since then and has been enjoying good if not vibrant health.  Let Weisuan share with you what he did in strengthening his immune system and keeping it strong.  In this session you will learn how to take charge of your own health.

Fortifying your Home (Melissa Zecha)

Is your home make you and your children sick? Did you know household products are filled with synthetic ingredients that are highly toxic especially for young children?  Do you use chemicals to clean the floor, bathroom,  kitchen, surfaces, furniture, carpets, windows,  laundry?  Are you breathing in these chemicals and touching these chemicals?  Did you know humid weather breeds mould, and mould can live on walls, cupboards and air con filters? My name is Melissa Zecha. I get eczema from softeners, food and water in plastics, and food cooked in pans that are coated with non-stick chemicals.  I have been using the THIEVES household products over one year and it has helped improve my immune system, and I don’t have to clean my living space so often.


Raindrop Massage Therapy –  Technique Demonstration & Hands-on (Melissa Zecha)

It is a powerful technique developed by D. Gary Young in the 1980s, using Young Living’s Therapeutic Essential oils to balance, align the body in a gentle and non-invasive manner. It is also a very powerful technique for emotional, mental and spiritual alignment and balance. This technique best for those are physically out of alignment, spine issue, depression, and in the process of recovery from viral attacks and various ailments.

雨滴疗法  技术示范与个人实践 (Peggy Teoh)

雨滴疗法是由Young Living 创始人Gary Young所发明。以结合香薰疗法和在身体各部位使用具有高抗氧化,消炎和杀菌的纯精油,加上轻柔按摩法来调整脊椎和身体能量中心。此疗法对于身体,心智与情绪上的平衡特别有效。

轻易学习精油面部美容皮肤护理和颈部按摩 (Shooi Hong)


Chooi Hong, 超过30年经验的美容师,会跟我们讲解如何正确使用精油和美容产品来护理皮肤,千万不可错过哦!

Care during pregnancy and after pregnancy (Shamala Tan)

In this sharing, Shamala together with other mothers will share experiences of the care needed during the various stages of pregnancy. Sharing includes the types of oils to be used for mother’s and baby’s health, how to maintain a good holistic state of being, and wellness on all levels during postpartum care. Some interesting topics include postpartum depression and how for some mothers can last for years, and how to prevent it.


Meditation & Channeling With The Core22 Teachers (Shamala Tan)

In this sharing, Shamala will share the types of oils to use for mental clarity, emotional balance and spiritual development. She will also be facilitating a group meditation and channeling with the Core22 Teachers for healing and delivering messages on 2015 and beyond.

Male & Female Fertility (Cornelius Chan)

Most people would think that to conceive a baby is natural and should be quite easy to achieve. In certain country 1 in 6 couples are experiencing difficulty conceiving a baby. Since the 80’s more and more fertility centers have been set up all over the world. That is because married couples who are anticipating a new life in the family are turning to them for assistance through advanced medical procedures such as IVF. We are going to examine the cause of infertility in relation to our modern lifestyle, for both male and female. What increases the risk of infertility for man and woman?  We will also look at natural wellness solutions such as Young Living essential oils and supplements. How do we prepare our body and mind to increase chances of fertility?

Antioxidants: Knight in Shining Amour (Cornelius Chan)

Our body is bombarded by chemicals and environmental stimuli all the time. Little do we know that some of these are chemically reactive free radicals, causing diseases and deteriorating cellular functions. Antioxidants play important roles in combating these free radicals, protecting us from cellular damages, organ function disruption and chronic diseases. Through our normal diet the amount of antioxidants may be insufficient to counteract the enormous amount of free radicals that our body is subjected to everyday. Young Living offers you a variety of the best antioxidant supplements you can find in the market. Learn about how you can use them to boost your immunity, enhance your health, and prolong your youthfulness!


Clear and Remove Negative Energies in You and Your House. (Darreck Chen)

It’s critical to clear negative energy if you are vulnerable and absorbing negative frequency from others, and worse, if you are creating it yourself unknowingly and affecting your health, relationship, career, money and your loved one.

In this sharing, Darreck will talk about how to easily clear and remove the “unwanted” stuff in your body, your home and also your family.

First Hand Updates of your Young Living Malaysia Membership & Benefits (Darreck Chen)

After opening in United Kingdom on September 2014, Young Living is finally and YES, officially open in Malaysia, In this sharing we will find out what are the new and updated benefits for your Malaysia membership. You will also find out how you can effectively share this wonders oils and supplement effectively to your friends and family.

Essential Oils for Stress, Allergies and Natural Anti-histamines  (Hoi Kok Wai)

Itchy skin, bloated face, watery eyes and stuffy nose? Many people live on anti-histamines and decongestants or prescription medication throughout their life.  Others choose to receive allergy shots several times during the year for relief.  However, many people are now looking for a more natural solution. In this sharing Kok Wai will share his personal experiences on how to handle those difficult symptoms and how to treat the causes.

Refresh & Revive your Face  (Yokoe Chan)

Yokoe, the celebrity makeup artists, will show us how to cleanse and steps to take care our face with daily beauty regimen, this sharing is suitable for men and women. Do bring your own towels for this session.



Cornelius Chan

Cornelius is a mind-body-spirit coach and the founder of ColourFool Life Programme. He graduated from Monash University in Biochemistry and Microbiology, spent almost 5 years in viral epidemiology research and another 2 years in social studies of the field of HIV/AIDS. He has put together the Inner Comfort Technique, sharing his experience of using Young Living Essential Oils on the chakras and meridians. He is also teaching a course in Beyond Aromatherapy: The Science of Essential Oils.

Darreck Chen

Darreck has been practicing energy healing works since 2001, he started Lightworks Holistic Centre in Kuala Lumpur with his holistic partner on 2006, since then he has been actively promoting energy healing work in Malaysia and other countries. He also developed an energy dowsing system, The BodyMaitre and teach how to understand, Identify and Release negative energy/frequency in the body and home. Her BodyMaitre website is www.BodyMaitre.com

Kok Wai

Kok Wai is passionate about natural therapies and excitedly share the knowledge and wisdom with others while, always, working with it on himself. As he embraces the never-ending evolution of knowledge and wisdom. He is also a Reiki and BodyMaitre teacher.

Melissa Zecha

Melissa graduated with a Finance and International Marketing degree from McGill University, Canada. She has worked over ten years in many desk-bound jobs.

Whilst working in Hong Kong, Melissa also started her training in pilates. She received her Pilates-Mat certification from Polestar (USA) in September 2003 her Reformer certification in JUly 2005 and her studio certification in July 2007. She has taught in Hong Kong, South Africa and Malaysia.

Peggy Teoh

Peggy, mother of three kids, she has been using Young Living Essential Oils for more than 5 years in Malaysia, she also believe Essential Oils has tremendously help her family and children to become more healthier and stronger immune. Peggy also a raindrop therapy practitioners and offering classes and Private session in Kuala Lumpur.

Shamala Tan

Shamala Tan is a Holistic Health Coach who was an addict on her way to a bad state of health. However, she went on the road to recovery before things took a bad turn. Today, she is a healer and runs classes on holistic healthcare. Check her website at www.ModernMedicineWoman.com.sg

Shooi Hong

Chooi Hong is a beautician with more than 30 years experiences in facial care. Currently she is mother of two and sharing how to take care the face and skin with all natural  and toxic-free skin care ideas in Malaysia.

Yokoe Chan

I am Yokoe, the Make Up Artist, Sound Healer and Zen Na Tai Body Massage Therapist. My background includes 16 years of experience in the Makeup Industry as a Senior Artist of the international M.A.C Pro Team, I travelled to many countries to work for Fashion Weeks, Film Awards and Events. Now, I am furthering my career by helping woman get in touch with their inner beauty. Beauty to me comes from the inside out, with healing approaches beauty can shine from within.

Weisuan Ng

Weisuan Ng, has been using Young Living essential oils for about 5 years now.  He only started seriously using Young Living essential oils and taking Young Living supplements in September 2012, during which he experienced first hand the amazing effects of the essential oils on his frozen shoulders.  At the same time, he also discovered the effectiveness of Young Living supplements in strengthening his immune system.  There was no turning back.  Weisuan now shares the essential oils with family, friends and strangers and is passionate about them.  He also incorporates essential oils into his energy healing practice and has seen the amazing results the essential oils can bring in healing.

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